Hilingo International Chinese Project

"Hilingo International Chinese Project” was established in 2018 and belongs to Beijing Hankao Star Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly provides diversified Chinese teaching services for overseas international Chinese learners. It has strategic cooperation with the International Chinese Teachers Association (ICA). All Chinese teachers hold ICA certificates....

Diverse audience

    K12 Children; College students, Adults

Exclusive Customization

    Develops exclusive courses according to the needs of learners

Experienced teaching team

    10+ years of teaching experience Dedicated teaching team for the program

Diverse courses

    Courses cover language and culture;Basic Chinese, Professional Chinese, Graded Exam etc..
Adults learners

The course is mainly aimed at college students and adults. Its curriculum system covers zero foundation, novice, intermediate and advanced stages. The courses cover Oral Communication, HSK Test, Business Chinese, Professional Chinese, etc. The course type is based on one-on-one and small class teaching and drill, focusing on classroom interaction and communication to meet the individual needs of learners.

Course Settings
Oral Communication (Novice & Intermediate & Advanced
HSK Standard Chinese Course
Business Chinese
Professional Chinese
Youth learners

The course is mainly for K12 learners. It aims to help young learners whose native language is not Chinese to lay a solid Chinese learning foundation and then consolidate and improve their Chinese proficiency, focusing on classroom interaction and communication. The course is benchmarked against YCT & IGCSE & AP & IB test standards.

Course Settings
Zero-based Pinyin
YCT Standard Chinese Course
Easy Children's Chinese
Animation Chinese
Ethnic Chinese

The course is mainly for children of overseas Chinese. Its curriculum covers elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. The courses cover oral communication, HSK test, Ministry-edited Chinese, etc. The teaching content is set according to the Chinese learning needs and characteristics of Chinese students.

Course Settings
Zero-based Pinyin
HSK Standard Chinese Course
《Yu Wen》 by Ministry of Education
《Zhong Wen》by Jinan University
Chinese Culture

The course aims to satisfy Chinese and non-Chinese learners‘ knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture. Showing the traditional culture and contemporary China in various forms in front of the learners and participating in the cultural interactive experience.

Course Settings
Chinese Culture Public Welfare Classroom
Chinese Summer Camp

Hilingo k12 Standard

According to the YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Standard which is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which evaluates the ability of primary school and middle school students whose mother tongue is not Chinese to use the Chinese language in their daily lives and study, we Hilingo team take much pleasure in taking this series of Hilingo Chinese course.
Hilingo Level Vocabulary Reading Communication

Level 1

  • 150-200

Understand the most commonly used Chinese words and sentences

Simple and direct communication in Chinese on specific topics

Level 2

  • 350-400

Understand Chinese words and sentences about the daily life

Simple and direct communication in Chinese on daily life topics

Level 3

  • 550-600

Complete the basic communicative tasks in life and study in Chinese

Cope with most of the communicative tasks encountered when traveling in China

Hilingo Features


One teacher for one student In accordance with learners' aptitude Classroom customization and specialization

Excellent small class

Teaching according to aptitude High-frequency interaction Accurately realize differentiated teaching

Double teacher classroom

Lecturer and assistant coorperate The teaching is integrated to solve problems After-school services are guaranteed

Cultural Lecture

Provide a platform to understand Chinese diversified culture to overseas students


The headquarters of Hilingo International Chinese Online School is located in Beijing Haidian High-tech Industrial Park, and the production, research, and teacher training centers are located in the headquarters. Each domestic branch center and overseas branch center have professional teachers to meet different offline and online teaching needs. In addition to the exclusive teaching and research team, the headquarters also especially hire Chinese experts and scholars at home and abroad as teaching and research consultants.

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